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Lifance Super Natural Skin Care

ESSENTIALS Discovery | Travel Set

ESSENTIALS Discovery | Travel Set

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100% Luxurious 0 % Toxins

30 ml | 1 fl oz CLARITY Botanical Oil Cleanser

20 ml  0.7 oz REFRESH Enzymatic Day Moisturizer

20 ml | 0.7 oz REGENERATE Hydration Night Moisturizer

Ideal for : All skin types | Anti-Aging

REFRESH Day Moisturizer

Formulated with: Cranberry Enzymes + Pear Seed Oil + Camellia Oil + Prickly Pear Butter Grapefruit & Lemon

Ingredient Goals | Benefits:
• Reinvigorates and Renews the skin
• Improves skin’s tone and elasticity
• Powerful moisturizer
• Improve’s skin’s texture, regenerates for brighter and clearer skin

REGENERATE Night Moisturizer

Formulated with: Meadow Sweet Extract + Passion Fruit Seed Oil + Meadowfoam Oil + Cupuacu Butter

Ingredient Goals | Benefits:
• Promotes smooth, flawless skin by dissolving dead skin cells
• Improves skin’s texture with gentle exfoliation
• Restore flexibility, elasticity and moisture retention during the night
• Powerful emollient to prevent drying of the skin

CLARITY Botanical Cleansing Oil

Formulated with Camellia + Meadowfoam + Grapeseed + Babassu + Tucuma

Cleansing Essentials Oils: Geranium + Grapefruit

Effectively remove environmental debris and stubborn make-up with our carefully formulated Clarity Facial Cleansing Oil.  We have chosen highly cleansing botanical oils that are non-pore clogging and are clever at dissolving oil and removing impurities.

Properly cleansing your skin keeps your skin clear and allows your Lifance  serums & moisturizers to work their magic.

Use daily depending on your make-up use and consistency (waterproof or not).  Gently massage into facial skin in an upwards motion and remove with a warm wash cloth. 


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