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I've been using this for a while now, and am really impressed with how much easier it is to get a clean shave with fewer nicks and other issues.

Cathy L.

We have used Rosey cheeks serum for years, but wanted to try the cream this winter. It's so lovely! Feels even more hydrating an my face. And smells just as good.

Janis H.

I absolutely love Cocoon Apothecary bar soap. It is soft and gentle on my skin, never leaves it dry. I also like that it doesn't leave soap trails in the bath. I would love to see a mint/eucalyptus scent in the bar soap!

Sonya M.

My skin is very dry in the winter and this has been perfect layered on top of my Rosey Cheeks facial cream! My skin is feeling much better and the products all absorb so nicely into my skin.

Elizabeth C.

The scent is heavenly (especially in the midst of February!) and feels great on my skin. I was worried it would be a little heavy on my oily-prone skin, but it absorbs beautifully. Definitely recommend!

Anna J.

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